Introducing Nutrient Catcher by NPHarvest

In a world where wastewater treatment removes pollutants but neglects valuable nutrients, Nutrient Catcher by NPHarvest emerges as a beacon of sustainable innovation. Traditional wastewater treatment processes often fail to recover essential nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus in an attractive form. This is a missed opportunity, since the valuable recovered nutrients could replace fossil-based mineral fertilizers.

Current Challenges & Solution:

Wastewater treatment systems effectively remove pollutants but discard valuable nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus. This treatment is often a considerable strain on the treatment plant. Recovering these nutrients is seen as financially unsustainable as recovery and purification costs are typically higher than the cost of mineral materials. However, nutrient recovery has many benefits that should be considered:

  • Wastewater treatment and disposal costs go down when nutrients are recovered
  • Nutrient recovery allows treatment system to reach better treatment efficiency
  • Recovering nutrients decreases the environmental footprint of the wastewater treatment and agricultural systems

Key Features:

  1. Patented Membrane System: Nutrient Catcher utilizes cutting-edge patented membrane technology to capture and recover valuable nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewaters. The membrane system tolerates high suspended solids concentrations without disturbing the recovery process. Forget about stripper related problems!
  2. Lowest OPEX: Our technology boasts the lowest operating expenses (OPEX) in the industry. Thanks to the absence of heating or high-pressure requirements, Nutrient Catcher operates at ambient temperature and gentle passing. This translates to up to 80% less energy consumption compared to other technologies, resulting in significant cost savings over time.
  3. Versatile Application: Whether you're managing biogas plants, agricultural operations, or municipal wastewater treatment facilities, Nutrient Catcher offers a versatile solution for nutrient recovery. Size does not matter! NPHarvest can treat effluents as low as 2 m3/day to 20 000 m3/day (even higher if needed).


  • Environmental Sustainability: Reduce nutrient pollution and mitigate environmental impact by capturing and recycling nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater streams.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Increase cost-efficiency by recovering valuable nutrients that can be reused in various agricultural and industrial applications.
  • Compliance: Ensure compliance with environmental regulations and standards while optimizing nutrient management practices. NPHarvest is designed for all the upcoming EU regulations regarding recycled nutrients, discharge regulations and Nitrogen directives.
  • Resource Optimization: Maximize resource utilization by transforming wastewater into a valuable resource for agriculture and other industries. RECOVER NOT REMOVE!

Target Audience:

  • Biogas Plant Operators
  • Agricultural Enterprises
  • Wastewater Treatment Facilities
  • Industrial plant with nutrient loads

Join the movement towards sustainable resource management with Nutrient Catcher by NPHarvest. Contact us today to learn more about how Nutrient Catcher can revolutionize your nutrient recovery process.