NPHarvest started as an Aalto University research project in 2016. Project goal was to figure out an economic and profitable method to recover phosphorus and nitrogen from the wastewaters. After 7 years of R&D, many publications and one dissertation, NPHarvest became the first spin-off company of Water Lab of Aalto in September 2023.

NPHarvest founding teams have over 30 years of combined expertise in organic waste management, wastewater treatment and nutrient recovery from R&D to project development and management.



NPHarvest Team


Dr. Juho Uzkurt Kaljunen (PhD)

Federico Varalta
Head of Business Operations

Burak Yirmibesoglu
Business Developer



Board of Directors


Mika Kukkurainen

Dr. Osmo Seppälä

Dr. Juho Uzkurt Kaljunen



Contributers to NPHarvest